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TERI'S PICK: Nanny McPhee Returns

Often, I'm asked if there are any audiobooks I've recorded I'd recommend for listening. While there are many in different genres I've narrated I can recommend (and I will be posting suggestions here on several) I decided to instead suggest a favorite my son and I have listened to many times over the years. The audiobook is NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS, written and narrated Emma Thompson, and it's fantastic and funny. Each chapter vascillates between the author's diary during filming the Nanny McPhee Returns movie and "The Story". The diary is just as entertaining and funny as the Nanny McPhee Story (not to mention educational, offering insights to behind the scenes film shoots.) Emma Thompson's humor and voice characterizations are (as any Emma Thompson fan would expect) the best. She also answers some children's fan mail questions at the end.

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