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In the Booth Take 1

Before narrating this morning, I thought I'd take a short 5:00 video tour of my WHISPER ROOM recording booth. Recently, a voice-over talent in Egypt reached out to me through my FACEBOOK PAGE (the miracles of modern technology) and asked me some questions about my set-up. Broad specifics are on my website and I'm happy to answer any questions about the equipment I use, software and all that. I thought this little tour might be a fun way to show how I go about setting up a recording session and what my little booth looks like inside.

It's my last day recording author Melody Anne's TURBULENT DESIRES, book 2 in her Billionaire Aviator's romance series, for BRILLIANCE PUBLISHING. I'll miss Maverick Armstrong and Lindsey Helm now that my voice telling their story is in the can, but look forward to book 3 and finding out what happens to Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot Nick Armstrong, since the Epilogue I ended with today is one heck of a cliff hanger prequel to the next book!

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